Andrea Robin


Program Assistant, Chapman Learning Commons


With an educational credentials in excellent art and serve studies in neuroscience, Andrea has been contributing during a intersection of culture, training and amicable creation for over 10 years. Working with universities and non-profits, she has exercised her  favourite skills providing programming for integrated learning, extend essay and development, and village engagement. Andrea beholden to support immature people and learners to strech their goals by their values.

Current purpose and responsibilities:

Andrea assimilated a Learning Centre in Jul 2017. The pivotal tools of her portfolio include: handling workshop/event bookings in a Lillooet and Dodson Rooms, formulating calm and curation for a digital signage screens in a Learning Commons and Music, Art and Architecture Library, website maintenance, compelling training opportunities by contributing to a CLC amicable media platforms and providing ongoing information referrals to a UBC and a larger community.


Phone: 604-827-5949



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