Jobs Working with Teenage Pregnancy


Health Educator

A health teacher instructs people on behaviors and habits that foster health and wellness. They foster wellness in their communities by formulating and implementing strategies to urge residents’ health. They are a apparatus for teenagers on protected sex practices, slight testing, and a caring girls need to accept during pregnancy. A bachelor’s grade is required, and many positions need a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credential.

Social Worker

Social workers support people elucidate and traffic with issues in their daily lives. Clinical amicable workers are means to yield mental health and romantic issues. These professionals work in clinics, schools, tellurian use agencies, and hospitals. Social workers can assistance girls with random pregnancies by educating them on their options and aiding them obtain compulsory services. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree, though a clinical amicable workman contingency obtain a master‘s grade and have 2 years of post-master’s knowledge in a clinical setting.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are obliged for coordinating studious care, educating patients and a village about health issues, and portion as romantic support for patients and their families. Nurses can work in hospitals, private practices, clinics, or nursing comforts with different groups of patients, including profound teenagers. A helper might yield information and medical caring via a pregnancy, and might also support during a delivery. To turn a purebred nurse, one needs a diploma from a nursing program, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s grade and contingency also be licensed.

Medical and Health Services Managers

Managers are obliged for a formulation and directing medical and health services. A health services manager might conduct a facility, department, or a private practice. Managers of women’s medical comforts or departments can safeguard that teenage girls have entrance to and are receiving a caring they need during pregnancy. A bachelor’s grade is required, though many medical and health services managers have master’s degrees.

Nurse Midwife

A helper midwife provides medical caring to women, including annual exams, family formulation services, and educating on wellness care. They yield profound women (including teenagers) with prenatal caring and also broach babies, conduct vicious situations during delivery, and yield assistance to doctors during C-sections. A helper midwife contingency finish a master’s degree, be protected in their state, and pass a inhabitant acceptance exam.


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