U15 Statement on Sustainable Publishing is released



There is fad among researchers both nationally and internationally on a new U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities’ statement. Why? It focuses on tolerable publishing.


As a collaborative physique of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, a U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities’ works to “foster a expansion and smoothness of long-term, tolerable aloft education and investigate policy, in Canada and around a world”.  These Canadian universities are “home to world-class researchers regulating state-of-the-art investigate infrastructure to make ground-breaking discoveries” as they “train tomorrow’s citizens, entrepreneurs and leaders, and work with partners from a public, private and supervision sectors to muster believe and gain on it”.


The message by Suzanne Corbeil, U15 Executive Director, states in partial that “[w]e know investing in investigate and grant pays dividends for all Canadians. It spurs creation and fosters a oddity and creativity that a best and brightest minds approach towards elucidate society’s biggest challenges. It also enables us to safeguard we are building a best and brightest talent for a workforce of tomorrow, and are means to control investigate in world-class comforts that can expostulate expansion of innovative companies.“


In a preamble, a U15 Statement on Sustainable Publishing emphasizes that, “Access to investigate and erudite outputs is essential for systematic discovery, innovation, and education. To maximize believe send and impact, a researchers’ work contingency be done straightforwardly permitted around a globe. Research-intensive universities also need timely and stability entrance to general investigate formula and grant in sequence to allege and disseminate knowledge, and to rise a subsequent era of researchers.”


The 5 pivotal beliefs and their highlights found in a U15 matter are quickly listed directly below:


  1. Open Access – a prerequisite for an permitted and tolerable indication of erudite publishing
  2. Public Interest – disseminating erudite publications and other investigate outputs as widely as possible
  3. Quality – severe counterpart examination processes and effective investigate impact measures in all forms of educational publishing
  4. Accountability – top probable suit of open dollars invested in investigate and education
  5. Innovation – collaborative expansion of new models of erudite communications advantage a academy and a open in a digital age


Download a full U15 Statement on Sustainable Publishing here


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